The 2016 Presidential Caucus will be held on March 26, 2016. One thing is certain, the Republican and Democratic Parties agree on a caucus. That is, they feel that the people of Benson Hill and communities connected to the Benson Corridor should be able to select the candidate for President of the United States through the Caucus process rather than a primary election. Although Presidential candidates will be on the Primary ballot, and people can vote for the candidate of their choice, the Caucus will determine who our Presidential candidate will be.

The Presidential Caucus will be held at various locations throughout the Benson Hill area.  I will post links to the different legislative district locales for this part of SE King County that includes four legislative districts: 11th, 33rd, 37th and 47th Legislative Districts. There will be information posted on candidates and links to other pages that support democratic candidates and policy. Anyone from any party is welcome to comment to any post. 

If you are a politically minded person then this page is for you.