Presidential Caucuses

The 2016 State of Washington Democratic Presidential Caucus will be held on March 26, 2016. One thing is certain, the Republican and Democratic Parties agree on a caucus. That is, they feel that the people of Benson Hill and communities connected to the Benson Corridor should be able to select the candidate for President of the United States through the Caucus process rather than a primary election. Although Presidential candidates will be on the Primary ballot, and people can vote for the candidate of their choice, the Caucus will determine who our Presidential candidate will be.

The Presidential Caucus will be held at various locations throughout the Benson Hill area.  I will post links to the different legislative district locales for this part of SE King County that includes four legislative districts: 11th, 33rd, 37th and 47th Legislative Districts. There will be information posted on candidates and links to other pages that support candidates and policy. Anyone from any party is welcome to post or comment to any post. Thinking about political activity?  You will find this page useful.

The Democratic Party depends on the Presidential Caucus for selecting their candidate for President and oppose any change in the system.   Over several decades, there have been frequent bills in the State of Washington to switch to a Primary election for Presidential candidates but none ever pass through committee.

Jaxon Ravens, chair of the Washington State Democratic Party was quoted by the Seattle PI as saying, “The party is currently debating that as well. The Caucus system is a good opportunity to do party organization building. It’s a good opportunity to train leadership and reach out to people.”

The PI also quoted Caleb Heimlich, executive director of the State Republican Party: “The fact is, the average voter does not attend the caucus.  If we want the voters of Washington to have a say in who the President gets to be, then the primary is a better way to give a voice.”

In any case, the 2016 Democratic Presidential candidate will be selected through the Caucus process in Washington State. A member of the 11th Legislative District Democratic Caucus Committee states that this years Democratic Caucus on March 26, 2016 also  offers an opportunity for participants to draft and submit initiatives to the King County Democratic Central Committee for inclusion in the 2016 Platform and the State of Washington Legislature.

During the Caucus, supporters of the various presidential candidates will be able to speak with neighbors from the same precinct, typically ten or twelve,  in support of their favorite candidate.  After discussion, participants vote to select delegates to the King County Democratic Convention.  Delegate numbers are allocated from precincts, usually two each with two alternates.  From there they go to the Congressional District Convention for selection as a delegate to the National Convention for their candidate.

At this time the process for the Republican Party is in flux.  I will post here as soon as the information becomes available.  Republican supporters are welcome to post the information at any time.

Links to Caucus locations will be available at this site as soon as it becomes available.  The Caucus system is a fantastic opportunity to meet neighbors who share the same determination to nominate candidates for President of the United States, support your Party and learn techniques to promote political ideology.

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