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Be Bold. Be Inspired. Be Real. These are the core values that drive our team – a team we have built over the last seven years, and what a ride it has been! Our company started with some cool science and a vision to make food and agriculture production better. Over time we honed the core values that define and guide us. And today we launched our new brand to better convey who we are and what we stand for.

As we unveiled our brand refresh at our All Company meeting this week, I was struck by the number of people in the room and by the diversity of backgrounds and expertise represented. We’re growing fast – by more than 40% over the last two quarters – which underscores the importance of refreshing our brand promise and remembering that each of us embodies and lives it every day through our actions and convictions.

We’ve evolved our colors and logo to reflect the vibrant colors found in food, sun and sky, but our purpose and values remain consistent. Our team shares a sense of respect and wonder about science and our natural world. The same wonder that moved Drs. Andy Benson and Robin Hill – two bold, inspired scientists who did not receive the recognition they should have for their central discoveries about photosynthesis, the crucial process for all life. Our company was founded on innovation derived from their research, but it is their passion, tenacity and humility that we strive to emulate.

We are excited about our refreshed look and logo, but we are most excited to affirm our commitment to the vision our brand represents – empowering a community of innovators to tap the vast and amazing diversity of nature to make food healthier, tastier and in better balance with our planet. It’s a purpose that drives us, that no one can achieve alone, and that inspires each of us.

–  Matt

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