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(AlKhaleej Today) Global leaders address health, well-being at Abu Dhabi event

By Benson Hill

February 15, 2020

During the two-day Milken Institute event, the future of food, health, finance, energy, women’s empowerment and wellbeing were discussed with more than 1,500 international and regional leaders at Abu Dhabi.

Experts spoke of the food revolution fueled by shifting consumer preferences, emerging nutrition science, geopolitical changes and health and environmental crises. “We can tap into a lot of tools and technologies that are coming online,” said Matt Crisp, president and CEO of Benson Hill.

“This was inaccessible 10 years ago to companies outside of three multinational organizations. The cost curve around technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, the cloud and data analytics, have collapsed and, for the first time, they’re becoming accessible to such companies.” Learn more about the 2020 Middle East and Africa Summit (MEA) here.

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