How to work with Benson Hill

We’re here to empower companies of any size, at every step of the food and agriculture supply chain – from seed developers, to food and ingredient suppliers, to ingredient buyers – to bring tastier, healthier products to market with more speed and precision than ever before.

Whether you are a company with in-house crop genomics programs or a company sourcing ingredients, we provide the technology and capabilities necessary to design, develop and deliver improved food and ingredients. Our partnership models are structured to meet our partner’s needs:

Seed Companies

Companies with in-house crop genomic programs can leverage our suite of tools through research or commercial license agreements to improve any crop or target.

Partner R&D teams can access individual or bundled CropOS™ applications, including Breed, Edit or Reveal, for incorporation into their internal programs.

Benson Hill also conducts in-house R&D to develop trait candidates that are directly available for licensing, including our portfolio of photosynthetic efficiency traits that have demonstrated improved sustainability and yield across multiple crops.

Food and Ingredient Companies

Benson Hill is committed to create end-to-end solutions to meet the needs of food and ingredient companies. In certain instances, this means partnering with ingredient company’s upstream partners to empower their existing crop innovation programs. In most cases, this means building or linking together the required supply chain to deliver customized ingredient solutions.

For select ingredients, Benson Hill may provide the entire supply chain for closed-loop production systems of specialty foods and ingredients.

Our partners are already seeing success with our approach

  • "Benson Hill’s platform provides access to data and predictive analytics to accelerate the plant breeding process and enable our team to bring improved varieties to the market faster.”

    – Marcos Quiroga, Director of R&D, GDM
  • “Access to Benson Hill's tools is huge. As an independent, family owned company, going through the effort of developing it ourselves is not feasible.”

    – Curtis Wiltse, Research Manager, Beck's Hybrids
  • “Benson Hill’s robust portfolio of gene editing nucleases and collaborative approach to empowering innovation aligns with our mission to leverage biological innovations and create new opportunities for our customers.”

    - Claus Crone Fuglsang, CSO and Senior Vice President, Research & Technology, Novozymes

We’re empowering innovators to build the future of food production, and we’d love to have you be a part of it.

What’s your vision for the future?

Let’s build it together. Contact us to learn more about partnering with Benson Hill.