Benson Hill’s Environmental Policy

At Benson Hill, we are committed to safeguarding natural resources and protecting the environment as part of our daily operations. Our commitment to compliance, conservation, communication, and continuous improvement fosters a culture of environmental excellence throughout our business. In accordance with our commitments to environmental protection and stewardship, Benson Hill strives to:

  • Implement environmentally sound policies designed to reduce our impacts on the environment and our communities, and consider climate risk in our risk mitigation process
  • Promote the efficient use of natural resources, including energy, greenhouse gas emissions, water and waste
  • Protect biodiversity and cultural resources through programs to avoid, minimize and/or mitigate impacts to wildlife, natural habitats, historical resources and communities  
  • Prohibit, in our own operations and that of our suppliers, deforestation or development in High Conservation Value Forests[1]
  • Manage all of operations to meet or exceed applicable environmental regulations 
  • Work in partnership with customers, suppliers, communities and other relevant stakeholders on our environmental impacts and opportunities to promote environmental stewardship across our value chain 
  • Regularly conduct a non-financial sustainability materiality assessment, which includes the consideration of current and future environmental issues 
  • Use lifecycle assessments to improve the design and environmental performance of our products

As part of our commitment to the environment, Benson Hill seeks to monitor and report environmental data relevant to our operations, such as energy use, emissions and other relevant data. Benson Hill is committed to transparency regarding our environmental sustainability through public disclosures on our website. 

This policy applies to all our operations and the employees and contractors who work in them. Where Benson Hill does not have operating control, we encourage our partners to demonstrate the commitments reflected in this document. Benson Hill will review our commitment annually.

[1] Defined by the Forest Stewardship Council 

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