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Bruce Bennett

President, Ingredients

Bruce is a highly accomplished and results-oriented senior executive with extensive experience in M&A diligence and integration, strategic investments, new product development and change management.  

Bruce Bennett is President of the Ingredients Business Segment for Benson Hill. He is responsible for driving  the global operations, commercialization and profitability of Benson Hill’s ingredients portfolio for the growing plant-based protein market. A key aspect of Bruce’s role focuses on managing the production, sales and delivery of Benson Hill’s proprietary, non-GMO soybean portfolio, including its innovative Ultra-High Protein (UHP) soybean ingredients, as well as future innovations planned for yellow pea, the fastest-growing protein source for plant-based meat alternatives.

Prior to that, his 25-year career at Archer Daniels Midland spanned an array of global roles including Vice President, Foods & Wellness; President, Specialty Ingredients; and President, Plant Proteins. Bennett led efforts to expand ADM’s geographic footprint, broaden its portfolio into complimentary and adjacent products, and commercialize next-generation protein ingredients. Bruce holds a B.A. from Illinois Wesleyan University and a wide variety of professional certifications.

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