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Dan Jacobi is an attorney and experienced international agriculture business leader who has worked with farmers, government officials, NGOs, and dedicated colleagues around the world in the pursuit of a safe, reliable, and affordable food supply for a world of 9 billion people by the year 2050.

Dan has served on our Board as an independent director since March 2016 and currently serves as our Chair. From 1998 into 2014, Dan worked with DuPont Pioneer, in roles including General Counsel of Pioneer Hi-Bred, Associate General Counsel for DuPont Ag & Nutrition, and finally, as Senior Vice President, responsible for Pioneer’s businesses in Asia, Europe, and Africa. During his career at DuPont Pioneer, Dan focused on complex technology licensing arrangements among large and small seed and biotech companies and on agricultural productivity in the developing world, Prior to joining Pioneer, Dan served as General Counsel of the Wittern Group, in Clive, Iowa for 7 years. Since his retirement from Pioneer, Dan has represented select ag-related businesses, and in addition to serving as Chair of the Board of Directors of Benson Hill, he serves on the board of directors of Feed Energy Corp. and The Stetler Company. Dan earned his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and holds a Juris Doctorate from Drake University, in Des Moines, Iowa, and since 2006, has served his alma mater as a member of the Drake Board of Trustees.

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