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Jason Bull, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Jason is a seasoned executive with more than 20 years of industry experience unlocking synergies between biology and data science.

Jason Bull is the Chief Technology Officer of Benson Hill. In his role as CTO, Jason leads the company’s combined R&D and Data Science capabilities across predictive breeding, genomics, product discovery, big data engineering and software development. Bull has over 20 years of industry experience unlocking synergies between biology and data science for multiple industries. Prior to joining Benson Hill, he served as VP, Strategy & Machine Learning at Object Computing, Inc. (OCI), and founded a machine learning strategic impact business leveraged by multiple Fortune 500 companies spanning a diverse set of industries. Prior to OCI, Bull spent twenty years with Bayer (Monsanto) and then Climate Corporation, most recently as its Global VP R&D of Digital Seed Science, where he delivered a digital advisory platform. Prior, Bull served as Global VP Trait & Field Solutions, leading trait introgression into the global product lineup, and led Global R&D IT, where he spearheaded the seminal introduction of predictive technologies and their application to the R&D pipeline. Jason has been granted 30 patents in digital agriculture, molecular breeding and robotic seed chipping. He has also authored 15 publications on the optimization of breeding and production systems. He earned his Ph.D. in Quantitative Genetics and Biometrics and a BA in AgSci (Honors) in Quantitative Genetics and Analytics from the University of Queensland in Australia.

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