Scientific Advisory Board

Todd Mockler

Ph.D., Donald Danforth
Plant Science Center

Julia Bailey-Serres

Ph.D., Institute for Integrative Genome Biology, Center for Plant Cell Biology

Chase Beisel
Ph.D., Helmholtz Institute, RNA-based Infection Research
Rex Bernardo
Ph.D., University of Minnesota, Agronomy and Plant Genetics
Asaph Cousins
Ph.D., Washington State University, School of Biological Sciences
Gary Fogel
Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer of Natural Selection, Inc.
Jon Lightner
Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer, Lightner Associates and former Chief Technology Officer, Genus, plc.
Mark Matlock

Former Senior Vice President of Research, Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM)

Joyce Van Eck
Ph.D., Cornell University, Boyce Thompson Institute
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