Benson Hill’s Emerging Technologies Policy

Technology is fundamental to Benson Hill’s business proposition and value. We believe ongoing development of technology will continue to improve our ability to grow biodiverse, nutritious and resource-efficient food. We are committed to being transparent with our customers and consumers, so they understand what is in the products they purchase. 

All Benson Hill ingredients and products comply with our strict internal quality and safety requirements, in addition to applicable laws and regulations. In accordance with our commitment to emerging technology, Benson Hill strives to:

  • Disclose steps taken to assure safety and quality and to meet applicable regulatory requirements for safety and quality. In addition, we will ensure that all our ingredients and products meet the intended performance or quality attributes
  • Be transparent in sharing information and engaging with stakeholders and consumers about our ingredients and products including: the nature of the methods used to produce each product, the intended use and benefits of each product, any safety concerns associated with a product, and providing a mechanism for stakeholder input and feedback on products. As part of our efforts to keep consumers informed about our product, we currently use the Non-GMO Project Verified certification, the Bio-Engineered food label, or equivalent certification, on our products when applicable
  • Engage a balanced and representative group of stakeholders to anticipate the economic, environmental, and social implications of product development projects. This may include, but is not limited to, end users and other relevant stakeholders at an early stage to understand their needs and concerns
  • Recognize that consumers and stakeholders may require assurance that we are living up to our policy, therefore we will have independent, credible, and evidence-based verification occurring on a regular basis that will be available to our stakeholders and the public for inspection

This policy applies to all our operations and the employees and contractors who work in them. Where Benson Hill does not have operating control, we encourage our partners to demonstrate the commitments reflected in this document. Benson Hill plans to review our policy annually.

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