Until recently, breeding plants for specific attributes has been slow, imprecise, and costly. Focus has been on a handful of row crops increasing yield to maximize commodity grain with the goal of delivering calories at scale. Efficiency matters, but it came at a price. Yield went up, nutrient density and taste declined. Our system became about quantity not quality.

This led to an industry focus on a handful of row crops and prioritized yield over nutrition and taste. Despite estimates of up to 300,000 edible plant species across the globe, over fifty percent of our protein and calories come from just three.

At Benson Hill, we’re working to change that. We’re developing nutritious, great-tasting, and sustainable food options through seed innovation. We’re accelerating biology by bringing data science, plant science and food science together in new ways to help improve the well-being of people and the planet through food.

No one company or individual can transform our food system. But we can bring scientists, plant breeders, food manufacturers, food retailers, and consumers together to start a dialogue and share our vision for food made better from the beginning.

Learn how Benson Hill is working to contribute to a more nutritious and sustainable food system.

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We’ve built a cutting-edge food innovation engine called CropOS®.  CropOS® brings together plant breeding and genomic data, decades of weather data, geospatial mapping, soil health data and imagery, nutritional properties and food taste and sensory data in new and novel ways to accelerate biology. CropOS® leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to focus on seed trait outcomes, like greater nutrient density, and recapturing flavor that has been bred out over time.

We’re also combining our CropOS® technology with new ways of thinking about supply chain – reconnecting farmers, manufacturers, retailers, and consumers with improved food solutions.

Learn more about CropOS®, our cutting-edge food innovation engine.
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The pursuit of more nutritious, great-tasting and sustainable food options is an investment in our well-being, and that of the planet. Through our individual talents, skills and resources we all have a role to play – whether that’s helping others realize the positive impact possible through food, bringing joy back to the table through better tasting, simpler choices, or directly contributing to the entrepreneurial and innovative process that paves the way to what’s possible through science, technology and agriculture – this is a journey we can’t afford to miss. 

Take a tour of the Benson Hill facilities to see where our technology takes shape.
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