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Leveraging the natural genetic potential of plants through breeding, genome editing and trait targeting.

We’re committed to helping our partners across the food and agriculture supply chain enhance their products – helping them bring food to market that’s healthier, tastier and more sustainable.

How will we do it? By bringing everyone together with the power of cloud computing through our revolutionary crop design platform, CropOS™. It brings together machine learning, big data analytics and biological knowledge to predict outcomes and help plant researchers predict and control outcomes.

Simply put, CropOS™ allows researchers to quickly predict, select and control desirable traits, bypassing generations of experimentation to bring crop and ingredient improvements to market faster.


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Three CropOS™ applications make it all possible.

Benson Hill Product Development

Food & Crop Improvement

Partner Product Development

Work with us, and shape the future of food.

Learn how CropOS™ can help you build better plants.